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What role can art play in envisioning a sustainable future for our planet?


'Artists of every kind have one overriding moral duty, which is to do their work as well as possible. But since that work partly consists of responding to what the world itself is up to, it would be strange if the best work being produced didn’t take some account, in some way, of what’s happening to our climate. Art is not only about beauty: sometimes it has to warn.' Philip Pullman


Imagine 2020 (2.0) is a network of 10 EU based arts organisations, funded by Creative Europe, with a focus on raising awareness in the cultural field and in a broader civil society context around the issues of the socio-ecological crisis that we are currently facing. It funds artistic commissions, research and development and promotes the sharing of resources, ideas, knowledge and debate across the various topics under the umbrella of art and ecology.




Artsadmin enables artists to create without boundaries, producing bold, interdisciplinary work to share with local, national and international audiences. The advisory service supports artists at every stage of their development with free advice and opportunities. At Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin has established a centre for the creation, rehearsal and presentation of new work.

Bunker is a non-profit organization for the implementation and organization of cultural events. Bunker produces and presents contemporary theater and dance performances, organizes various workshops and other educational programs, research, and, of course, formed one of the most prominent international festivals Young Lions.


The aim of the Bunker institution is trimmed Slovenian cultural space with innovative approaches. We encourage the mobility of artists and their works in Slovenian and international arena, as well as interleaving between different artistic disciplines. We create a space that allows the exchange of experiences, knowledge and interests among artists and various audiences. The Bunker is trying to stimulate discussions regarding various artistic practices and subjects and to create artistic programs and events that reflect upon topical social, ecological, political and cultural topics.

COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on the social and environmental issues and supports the emergence of a new culture of ecology through his actions as the COAL Prize, the exhibition police, council institutions and communities, European cooperation, and to organize conferences, workshops and the first site dedicated


COAL, the Coalition for art and sustainable development, is the principal French participant to support the unmissable role of creation in the struggle against climate change and to support the emergence of a true culture of ecology.


COAL organizes and curates contemporary art exhibitions and impulses cultural programs on sustainable development stakes (UNESCO, La Villette, la Gaîté lyrique, FIAC, Domaine départemental de Chamarande, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Berges de Seine…), organizes each year the COAL Prize Art and Environment, establishes knowledge and spreads the topic through european cooperation (French representative of Imagine2020 and Creative Climate Leadership networks), counsel, public lectures, publications and the daily update of Ressource0 (, the first media and resources centre dedicated to both national and international initiatives gathering arts and ecologies.

Since 2010, COAL participates in the implementation of a national strategy of action on the topic, with the French ministries of Environment, Energy and Sea and of Culture and Communication. As such, COAL implemented in 2015 ArtCOP21, the cultural Agenda of COP21. With more than 550 events registered, 54 countries represented, the installation of major artworks in public space and about 250 international artists and professionals gathered at Gaîté lyrique in Paris for the Conference of Creative Parties, COAL managed to reveal and inscribe culture at the ecological transition agenda.

Domino is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Zagreb, Croatia, that has as its mission the questioning of the traditional and the transformation of oppressive norms in transitional societies through culture, media, public policies, education and collaboration with local and international organisations. The vision of Domino is that in the society there is a continuous recognition of norms that disables the freedom of art and, more specifically, queer expression, which in its nature is subversive yet peaceful. This expression is mostly visible trough the independent art scene and warrants the broadening of the borders and the critical questioning of existing social norma. We feel that it is necessary to make a social environment that enables the independent culture to manifest itself trough different forms and stakeholders. The organisation realizes its mission trough four major programs: culture and arts, media, education and politics.

Teatro Maria Matos is one of Lisbon’s two municipal theatres. Oriented towards contemporary creation, it hosts and coproduces theatre and dance performances, concerts, and children and youths projects. As far as programming goes, Teatro Maria Matos stands as a driving force and active partner for contemporary creation in Lisbon and in Portugal. In the spirit of public service, inherent to its status as a municipal theatre, Teatro Maria Matos can be described as a place where artists and audience meet in order to reflect upon the world we live in. In this sense, the Theatre’s programming regularly focuses on political, social and ecological issues, through multidisciplinary programmes involving lectures, debates, films, performances, installations and interventions in the public space.

The Kaaitheater presents, produces and co-produces local and international performing arts productions: from the 1980s to the present, from repertoire to experimental, from small theatre to large.


In a world of curators and one-off hits, the Kaaitheater offers artists long-term commitment. In the conviction that art is important to man’s well-being, we make a point of relating to society. In Brussels’ canal district, where we see all the world’s issues in a nutshell, artists imagine and model the city of the future.


Kampnagel, the international center for the finer arts in Hamburg, is Europe’s largest production center for contemporary performing arts. It presents works at the intersection of theater, performance, music, visual arts and architecture in six event spaces located in a former crane factory building. Its program is made up of international guest productions and co-productions, independent works from Hamburg, as well as special series and festivals, including the International Summer Festival. It also regularly hosts conferences and symposia about contemporary social discourses. Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for the development of ideas, exploring new formats that tackle modern forms of communication, interaction and participation as well as the transfer of knowledge and our conception of the public sphere. Kampnagel is simultaneously locally anchored and internationally connected. The center creates links between artists and between different artistic languages. It regularly comes into dialogue with activists and researchers, and takes the (cultural-) political lead.


Every season, Kampnagel attracts approximately 180,000 visitors.

LIFT travels the world to bring global stories to London, bringing spectacular performances and moments of magic to every corner of the capital.
For over 35 years LIFT has presented shows in partnership with London’s major arts venues, theatres and galleries, but also in countless hidden spaces and places across the city. It works with world-class artists, whose radical imaginations create exceptional work that questions the nature of theatre, engages with the big ideas of our time, and reveals the stories and communities of our incredibly diverse Capital.

New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) is a project based organisation working in the field of contemporary performing arts. Since 1995 NTIL has been organizing the biennial International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus, which is the largest performing arts platform in Latvia. NTIL also produces and presents projects and long term collaboration programmes together with local and international partners, strongly believing in the necessity to explore the contemporary performing arts field together with artists and audiences.

The Rotterdam theatre is a vital town theatre with an international reputation that focuses on strengthening the social and public support for quality performing arts in Rotterdam through a programme of inspired and inspiring quality performances and projects for a wide and diverse audience.